• Investing in Stocks, Shares and Bitcoin!

    My personal experience of 3 tools I use to invest and save for the future

I have signed up and use these 3 services below to save invest.


With most interest rates so low on savings across the UK your money simply doesn't grow. I started to think about other ways how I could grow my spare cash and have signed up and experimented with various ideas for the long term. Read more below and see the individual pages on my experience as I found some things extreemly complicated and difficult to understand at the start. Hopefully you will find things easier to understand based on my experience on these 3 services - Plum, Degiro and Coinfloor. Do get in touch via email if you have any questions.

Please do be aware that there are risks to investing and I am not a financial advisor so this information is here for you to make up your own mind. I am just documenting my opinions and experience as I try to grow my money using different services offered to us in the UK.

Plum App

I consider this as the least risk of all 3 methods. Saving is great but you opt in to invest then there is a risk […]


Moving into investing and trading on stocks and shares but a little more risky than Plum. You need to be careful […]


Investing in Bitcoin would seem to offer the best gains but is the most risky of all 3 and I am very new at this […]